Selenium WebDriver eBooks

This is the list of the Selenium e-books I wrote so far:

  1. Selenium WebDriver Tips and Tricks  (USD 15)
  2. Bad Coding Practices for Selenium WebDriver Test Automation  (USD 15)
  3. Improve Selenium Code with Automation Patterns: Page Object Model Page Factory Page Elements Base Page Loadable Component (USD 15)
  4. Program to an interface with Selenium WebDriver  (USD 15)
  5. How to create self-documenting reports in a Selenium project (USD 9)
  6. How to improve Selenium automation projects with Javascript (USD 9)
  7. How to Retry Page Methods on Error (USD 7)


Each e-book, including the kindle ones, is available as PDF.


You can buy any 2 books for a low price as follows:

  • if one book is $15 and the other less than $15, pay $18 for both.
  • if the 2 books are both $15 each,  pay $20 for both
  • if the 2 books are both less than $15, pay $12 for both

How do you pay?

There are 2 options:

  • Paypal transfer to
  • Amazon gift card for