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How to Create Self Logging Selenium Tests

There are a few options here.

One is using the EventFiringDriver class from the Selenium WebDriver API.

The other is about creating custom element classes for each type of element.


How Would I Convert Myself from Manual Tester to Test Automation Engineer?

Someone asked me this intriguing question after a recent meetup.

So I started thinking about I would do it.


What Test Automation Skills Will Be In Demand in 5 Years?

What should a manual tester learn to have a good and long automation career?

Which skills are better for the long run?


Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions

  1. Why should a company implement test automation at all?
  2. Describe page object model.
  3. What are all different ways of finding an element using Selenium WebDriver?
  4. How do you wait until the title and url of a page are both correct?
  5. After opening the home page of a site, a popup is displayed randomly. How do you handle this popup?


What Are Test Automation Good Practices?

Test automation is development so it follows all good practices for coding.

But it should follows also good test automation practices as well.


An SDET is a developer and not a tester

Test automation is a development discipline.

It is not a testing one.


How to Go from Manual Test to a Selenium Automated Test?

Step by step approach for decomposing a manual test case to a test case suitable for test automation.




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